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1997-2009 Owner, Lamar Fishing Products San Antonio Texas
Developed innovative products for both the custom and factory produced rod markets. List of products and accomplishments include:
Development of ThreadMaster & ThreadMaster lite; first non-yellowing guide wrap finish specificially formulated for use on fishing rods.
ThreadMaster is used in several large production facilities as well as thousands of small custom shops around the world.
Development of ChromaSeal Color Preserver. First architectual grade acrylic hybrid resin for decorative threadwork on fishing rods.
Developed Exotic Burl Cork handle material. Exotic Burl Cork was designed to offer a more durable and aesthetically pleasing handle material than traditional cork.
Additionally, Exotic Burl cork offered the first significant advancement in a sustainable, eco-friendly handle material made from recycled agglomerated cork products
Developed and mass produced several custom made tools for rod makers including grip turning mandrels, cork boring clamp and wood buffing and polishing set.
Developed the industry's first foam core carbon fiber grip 2006
Started first full time custom shop in the industry for hand turned wood reel seat inserts in 1999
Turned custom reel seat insert on Spey Rod built for Prince Charles of Wales
Custom Reel seats featured on Dec. 2002
Largest domestic distributor/re-seller of AllStar Rod Blanks in USA. 2002-2008
First domestic importer of carbon fiber rod blanks from Composite Tubular Systems (CTS)-New Zealand
First domestic distributor for C.F. Burkheimer Fly Blanks
Released first instructional DVD in the custom rod building industry—The Wood Lathe In Rodbuilding 2004.
Maintained global network for distribution of all products to include USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany & Australia

2015-Present Owner Axis Outdoor Company
Devolop products for the Rod Building, Fly Tying, Lure making and Knife making industries.
2015-Present- Developed BladeBond family of application specific epoxy resins for custom knife makers. Lineup includes BladeBond Ultra,
BladeBond Edge-15, BladeBond HT, BladeBond Extreme. BladeBond Fusion VMX and  BladeBond Fusion-15
2018-Release of ClearShield HD, first application specific epoxy coating for custom lure makers and fly tiers.
2019-Release of Fusion VMX, Industries first variable mix ratio epoxy
2020-Release of Generation 4 Rodbuilding coatings and adhesives

2001-2007 Staff Writer Rodmaker Magazine
Choosing a Lathe for Rodbuilding---Volume 4, Issue #5
Turning Your Own Reel Seat Inserts---Volume 4, Issue #6
Interview with Jimmy Green - World Champion Fly Caster, Developer of first graphite rod blank at Fenwick 1972, Technical advisor to Sage Flyrods---Volume 5, Issue #5
Interview with Roger Seiders - Owner of Flex Coat Co.---Volume 5, Issue #6
Interview with Tom Morgan - Owner R.L. Winston & Founder of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths---Volume 6, Issue #1
Interview with Kerry Burkheimer - Designer at Loomis Composites Inc. (LCI) Founder/ Owner at C.F. Burkheimer Flyrods---Volume 6, Issue #2
Interview with Dale Clemens - Owner of Clemens Custom Tackle---Volume 6, Issue #3
Interview with Dick Kantner - Owner of Composite Developments Inc./Graphite USA---Volume 6, Issue #6
Interview with Press Powell - Owner of Powell Flyrods---Volume 7, Issue #2
Interview with Tom Dorsey - Founder, Thomas & Thomas Flyrods---Volume 8, Issue #2
Interview with Gene Bullard - Owner of Bullard International---Volume 8, Issue #6
Carbon Fiber Composite Grips - Aerospace Meets Angling---Volume 10, Issue 6

Southern Saltwater FlyFishing Magazine
Laguna Gold---Fly Fishing the Upper Laguna Madre of Texas Nov/Dec 2018

On The Fly South Magazine

March Madness on the Texas Coast---Spring Fly Fishing The Upper Laguna Madre---March 2020

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Custom Rod Builders Guild 1999-2001
Founding Member, Custom Rod Builders Guild 1999
Member Board of Directors of Custom Rod Builders Guild 1999-2001
Referral Chairman-Custom Rod Builders Guild 1999-2000
Featured presenter/lecturer at 2001 Custom Rod Builders Guild Conclave--How to turn cork grips and reelseats on a wood lathe

International Custom Rod Building Expo 2005/2006/2007
3 time featured presenter/lecturer at International Rod Builders Expo in High Point North Carolina
2005--Turning cork grips and custom reel seat inserts on a wood lathe
2006—Perfecting fit and finish on custom fishing rods & Turning cork grips and custom reel seat inserts on a wood lathe
2007—Round table “Panel of Experts” discussion on modern rod building construction and assembly techniques